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I notice you make reference to tennis courts a lot.
I know that paedophiles are well known to try and find jobs in coaching positions which do not have quite so stringent security checks etc. but give them very good access to children.
This picture below was taken during their holiday.
It might make sense that a local coach may have been given a flat in one of the surrounding villas plus if the family spent a lot of time on the court Madeleine could have been seen by him / her.
Has anyone interviewed any of the coaches in the area?
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams - www.briansprediction.com
Hi, not sure, will post your question.
Please tell me that you have contacted The McCann Family.
You may be their one hope of getting their daughter back safe and sound.
Youve been given this wonderful gift please help them.
Thank you for your time
Hi, yes, and so have many readers.
Hi Brian
First of all, I think you are absolutely amazing!!!
From the first time I was directed to your site from a forum I was reading I have been gob smacked.
I know that a vast number of people have contacted Sky News, Crime Stoppers and various other authorities that might take a look at this and give it the serious investigation it deserves.
I am becoming so frustrated that no-one from the family have contacted you. However sceptical I was with regard to what you do, as the Mother or Father of that poor little girl, I would give anything a try to find her.
It is getting to the point where I am seriously thinking of going to Luz myself - armed with all your information and try to find Maddie myself!!! Please could you let me know if you don't hear from the family soon as I can get a cheap flight and will def go and look myself!!!
I am also going to email This Morning (a prime time programme) and GMTV (another prime time news programme) with the details of your site. The more of us that do this the better and also the more of us that leave these details on the Find Maddie site as a message to the family the better.
Keep going Brian - We will find Maddie
Hi, no, so far no one from the family has tried to contact me.
Dear Brian
many people have been referring me to your website. It does seem interesting.
phil McCann
Hi Phil,
Thanks and I hope my site can be of some use to you.
iam a mother and i have read you site, pls pls if you feel you can help wiith you gift !
go over to where maddy was taken from and help as you could help find this angle (she needs her mum)
pls think about going to help
Hi, at this time there is no way I could afford to do this.
Hi Brian,
I live in Belgium, and have been reading your website for several days now.
According to what you wrote down, I found some very interesting information on
this is information from a reverand, mark the ressemblance with some things you said, ie the 'V', the fact she is safe, and very close by, 'this person is in database' (just like you said police already knows this person), working in tourist industry (you said a hotel), ...
You will find my comment written in italic letters.
1. Re: Where is Madeleine??
I feel She is OK,and in a local area close by,
On a second floor apartment.of a three story building,Pala something, PALADIA,Palavia, 2147-26 ,Older white car/van,dent in passenger door,dirt ,like never washed,
Follow the Money.Follow the one not talking,or could be the one giving out the most misdirection.
See a apartment of a Worker, wears a white collared shirt,black pants,and a Badge on a string.taxi driver, or Limo driver,Knew room and all, But was not first,Check other areas as well, for similair occurances.
Who is Hubert or Huberto,name has like five names to entire name.
brown hair short,brown eyes,56 inches tall,127 pounds,lanky,
Sister is helping person.V name, Veronica,Vallencia or close (you said 'she is with VA).
Cell phone records important.
This person is in database.
I will not go into details of the bedroom,as forensics know whose what it is.
One of the shutter was broke in reverse,Like for example screen kicked out.
Tape on the lock,
left some items in room.
Why so much misdirection in room.
The writing on the wall.
But not of what it was done with.
The cracked mirror,but not shattered,
But close by,very close,within a two mile wide arc.
Look for one calling in sick.
can not be at work.Tourist industry.Restaurant ,Dishes,
Broken Lamp (the light you were talking about?),
Ransacked place, (the trash you were drawing?)
Find the ITEM and WATCH (I was thinking the matches might be interesting since many hotels give these away to their customers, and since the kidnapper might be working in a hotel...).
Feel Maddy is still alive.
Keep Looking.So Close.
light beige building,white trim,three story,blue dumpters,behind cement walls,locals.but in contact with a family sheep.
There is a teddy bear with her.left one glass eye in room (you were talking about a contact lens, maybe he left this lens in the room).
As Heard from Spirit ,Do not know if will help or not.
Entire Family and Maddy is in my Prayers.
One in Light Love.
1. White Car,Dented door.Dirty
A British Connection: It followed them There.
Find Me
Rua Da Padaria
Been Moved,A Small House along and off road (this could match with the sign 'off highway').
(SANDREA) (this might be the family name, since on your drawings I saw the initials 'WS' and 'RS', it could be brother and sister)
PT is on correct path.
Fields of tall grass.swampy.
Feel still Safe and Alive.
This is some other information I found on this message board posted by readers:
- The Telegraph citing RMfs full name as Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat (five names).
The rev said: gWho is Hubert or Huberto, name has like five names to entire name.h
- relationship between the german woman and RM and it said they were unlikely couple as ..
gTo outsiders they were indeed an unlikely couple - he the rather ordinary looking Brit and she a Jehovahfs Witness, who reportedly spent some weekends knocking on doors locally in search of converts.h It is said that RM, the german woman and her ex-husband have been living all together since last Christmas.
- even before Madeleine went missing the police were watching RM for
some other investigation that was going on
and this could match with the V sign on the same drawing of the beach you made:
Costa Vicentina is a region in Alentejo and Algarve. Coincidently, the place someone talked here earlier related to RM, Burgau, is part of this Vicentina Coast.
I hope this additional information is of some use to you. I found all this information on crimeblog.us.
I really think you are doing a great job, God bless you and may little Madeleine be found very soon.
Thanks Llse, will post this ASAP.
Hi Brian
Like so many others i am closely watching your website, and hope and pray with all my heart that your dream about Madeleine will prove to be right. This story for some reason has been affecting me very much. All abductions especially concerning children are very close to my heart but this particular case has struck me very deeply, and i sincerely hope it will have a good and positive ending for all the obvious reasons but also because i desperatly need to believe that "good" can still prevail. There is just so much sadness going on everywhere - i think a good ending in this case will bring so much hope and joy back into this world's hurt and damaged soul.
I was wondering whether you might have some idea about what "check the mail" might mean?
Also i have been wondering whether the footage that we see of her parents being strong and playing with their other children while trying to resume some normality might not in some way make the people who are holding her feel less "guilty" or less pressured in doing the right thing - what do you feel needs to be done to appeal to them to return her back to her family? I guess what i am trying to ask is whether you can see in your dreams whether any particular kind of action will help in bringing about such action from them?
I am praying and believing with all my heart that she will be part of her loving family very soon.
My best wishes and prayers for you
Hi, I have not seen video footage on this case, just a few internet news stories. I try my best not to read news stories related to my open cases as it tends to affect my RV's...usually the less I know the better. I will try and answer your question via tonight's dreams. I would suggest that Madeleine's parents keep doing what they are doing, and to stay strong...I'm still very certain she is safe.
Hi Brian,
With regard to the Madeleine McCann case: I am a tarot reader from Australia who feels strongly that psychic information is needed in this case. I have pulled the Knight of Pentacles card four times in row with regard to this case (it was literally jumping out of my deck during two shuffles). Any tarot reader knows that pulling the same card from the deck four times in a row is a really strong message. What I can read from this card seems to reinforce some of your material, and I feel compelled to post it on your site for your reader's attention. There are two ways I can read this card:
1) I can "read" a very clear "personality description" from this card, and I feel strongly that I am reading the personality of the abductor here: Male, dark hair, dark eyes, stocky build. Meticulous, terribly thorough, has great staying power. His methodical nature insists on a detailed plan - not a rough draft, not a sketch, but blueprints, maps, measurements, even a 3-d model. This person doesn't rush, and will not be panicked. But is ruthlessly efficient and meticulous. Takes a comprehensive approach and spends a lot of time prearing every detail. Is absolutely convinced that success depends upon thorough and meticulous planning. This person will be subborn, ruthless, precise. No stone has been left unturned in the planning and preparation of this abduction. This person knows exactly what he is doing and has planned it down to the very last detail.
2) I can also "read" advice from this card, regarding the hunt for this little girl: SLOW DOWN. Make sure you've covered all your bases, dotted your i's and crossed your t's. Go over the details. Go back to basics. Be THOROUGH, methodical, meticulous. She may not have moved far (note: this Knight is pictured stationary on a horse - very rare for a Knight to be stationary - this is a very important and particular detail of this card). If you're weary or tempted to quit, the Knight begs you to keep at it, success will only come from grinding away, being thorough, covering all bases. Success may indeed be JUST AROUND THE CORNER.
Don't know why I capitalised that last sentence. I felt compelled to do so.
Thank you. I don't know where else to post this information. But the whole world knows this little girl needs to be found. I have only posted this material because I feel that is substantiates your own predictions, and because I feel that sooner or later the family will need to access psychic information to proceed further with their search.
Praying for her safe return to her parents arms ~
Thanks Louise, posted.
Hello Brian
I believe you have exceptional information, exceptional gifts.
If there is any way you can go over to Portugal as soon as
possible, I pray that you may be able to do that. If I had the
money, I would fund you myself - but if you are meant to go
it will come.
So little is heard - we can only speculate what is actually going
on over there with police, other detectives and so on. Two
'psychic trackers' have gone over from the UK - but again, we
hear nothing. Other psychics have given some information
apparently, but again - nothing.
I believe that your gifts are exceptional - very much as Edgar
Cayce; I will send thoughts and Light that you may able to go if
you are meant to do so, and if someone will fund you. In one
week there you might be able to solve this. It is so important - that
child is suffering and so are her parents.
Blessings and Light. I know you are doing all you can.
Thank you so much.
Beverly in London UK
Hi Beverly, do you know where the psychic trackers are working and what progress they have made?
Also, I would like to go there myself, but there is now way I can afford this...I can barely afford my power bill, let alone a trip around the world :)
I also I have a wife, two kids...age one and five, and daughter to be born in 3 months. I have never in the past 7 years been gone from them for more than a few hours and do not plan on it either.
And thank you for comparing my work to Mr. Cayce, I'm honored.

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