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Brian, I thank my girlfriend for sending me your website, you truly are part of my morning coffee and I thank you, Natalee Halloway will be found and in Aruba there is a blue eyed boy I knew who was with Natalee through people who said she spoke about him, his name is JJ If you are correct we are working at tracking him down. Natalee will be found attached I am sending you an attachment I sent Beth I know your busy but take one minute of what I felt Beth knew from the beginning. Your friend Angela. "Do you believe" is your article in missing persons


I once was told by you that I was an angel and I would bring your daughter home. I think the person who holds that key is you, Everything I have told you about my expierience with the physcic goes back to the parents. I don't say this to upset you, but in Natalees mind maybe she was thinking differently than an adult. I once asked you that there is something you know that your witholding and you laughed, I once told you that I knew she is alive and I know I am correct because I feel her presence and her smile when I am with the people who hold her spirit. Beth I asked you several times to please come with me, that your daughter(in spirit) wanted you to apologize and you said for what! I think you went at this all wrong, as a mother where were your tears this is what others allover are saying. Beth my heart goes out to you I never did anything to hurt you. I want your daughter found and I hope by reading the above "Do you Believe" it will open your eyes to look in a mirror and accept that somewhere something between mother and daughter went wrong. If I were you I'd be on a plane right now searching Baranquilla with a disguise, I have been there before and can help you. Please if you don't want to talk to me for being honest then go there pay a taxi good money and he will take you to this hotel Juan Mina and a night club with frogs and mirrors and red couches as it states above in the attachment from Brian's Prediction .This is were your daughter is.GO GET HER


Hello, thanks for your support, I have also posted you email.



Hi, Brian,its Roswitha again, this week I wanted to
see the restaurant Carlos and Charlies in Cuernavaca,
Linda you know her too, had a vision from Harrys also
from the same restaurants ,Anderson Group, and now you
see her in a night club with frogs, Anderson has
Señor Frog there are 10 or so in Mexico.At the
restaurant on sunday in Cuernavaca a city close to
Mexico City I saw in the souvernir shop this T shirts
from the frogs, and I thought how strange you
mentioned frogs.So Natalee went missing after Carlos
and Charlies, Linda had a vision from Harrys and you
from frogs in front of the place. seems there is a
conection.we have to see if the clue is not in A N D E
R S O N.Harrys is in Gutenbergstreet in Cuernavaca
also and so is Carlos and Charlies, but it is not a
wild place.But Linda gets Gutenberg all the time.
Something is conected here.Please do not post it on
your site, we have to be carefull. But it would be
kind of you to help us in this very strange case.Roswitha


Hi, will post this.



now they are saying she is pregnant by step father what do you make of this natalie holloway?


Well, I did see this in my remote viewing...do not think its her step father though.



Forensic experts are investigating a letter reportedly written by Natalee Holloway from a secret hiding place, confessing that she ran off in Aruba out of shame that she was PREGNANT.

The letter was turned over just weeks ago to Aruban police and was immediately sent to Holland, the island's mother country, for scientific testing to determine if it is a breakthrough clue in the seven-month-old case of the missing 18-year-old from Alabama.

"In the letter, Natalee tells her mom that she's sorry for all the pain she's caused her family," said a source close to the investigation. "She said that she was already pregnant when she got to Aruba and that she was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Natalee said she decided she had to run away to have the child because she didn't think anyone back home would understand her."


Police Eye Drugs, Alcohol in Holloway Case

© 2006 The Associated Press

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Aruban police are reportedly looking into the possibility that the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway could be linked to alcohol or drugs, according to a report Thursday by CBS.

Witnesses have come forward who say the then 18-year-old Holloway had drugs in her possession and was drinking heavily on May 30, the day she disappeared, Gerald Dompig, deputy chief of police for Aruba, told CBS television's "48 Hours Mystery" program, which released a partial transcript of the interview on Thursday.

"We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all the alcohol _ maybe on top of that, other drugs, which either she took or they gave her _ and that she ... just collapsed," he said in the interview, scheduled for broadcast on Saturday.

A cover-up may have ensued after the death, he said. Dompig specified that witnesses did not see Holloway taking drugs, only that she had them in her possession.

"After 10 months of investigation, including hearing many witnesses, we have strong indications that Natalee has died," Dompig told The Associated Press.

Dompig said she could have either died in a nonviolent manner, by her going into shock or that she collapsed due to her body's reaction to effects from alcohol or drugs, or she was killed.

Holloway was last seen leaving a bar with Dutch national Joran van der Sloot and Surinamese brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. No one has been charged in her disappearance _ though Dompig told AP that the three remain suspects _ and the investigation has produced a number of false leads.

Dompig said searches for her body in sand dunes along the island's northern tip, at a beach close to the Marriott Resort _ where van der Sloot said he last left Holloway _ and a salt pond near the hotel, were ongoing and will continue in the coming weeks.

"Our main priority is to find forensic evidence," he told AP, noting searches were based on tips.

Dompig told CBS investigators believe that someone took steps to carefully hide Holloway's body _ perhaps burying her twice.

In January, investigators searched sand dunes in the same northern area with more than 50 officers.

Beth Twitty, Holloway's mother, could not be immediately reached Thursday for comment


Brian I do not know how else to get in touch with you. You gave me a whoile year free and I still have 7 months but I cannot access proof & info. Or anything to get this message to you. DD3527 & DD3528 IS NATALEE ANN HOLLOWAY, I need more info there is a missing number in the 736071 & 2 missing # in 86372, this is a phone number I am sure but cannot figure the last number, (you can find her ) is what I wrote Beth in an email that I sent to her a few months ago. You have drawn a flower & FRU READ what does it mean, the address we are checking into but a lot of houses, apts can have this address I need a road, street. Is she in Aruba or Colombia as you wrote in the last missing person report in January missing file. In DD3528 YOU wrote 192 moves Natalee Holloway. Then you have numbers 10-53-69-28 what could this mean and you wrote peplos which is peoples I think. Brian I have faith that she is alive and I have faith in You. Please do a remote view and please figure out why I can’t go into proof and info or comment. Thanks Angela


Hi, I will do another RV, and I'm sending you the logon information now.


Natalee Holloways

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