This is a list of open missing person cases from 2018 to 2021 

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An unknown missing teen is still alive and at this location.
Aaron Anderson opened 7-12-20 
Abigail Williams and Liberty German, murder case opened 8-9-20 
Adji Desir opened 5-29-18 
Adrianne Gilliam opened 9-7-20 
Aiden Blanchard opened 2-16-21 
Ajay Sah opened 1-31-21 
Alan White opened 11-12-20 
Alejandro Castillo opened 7-16-20 
Alexis Murphy opened 7-25-20 
Allison Marie Patel opened 1/9/21 
Aiyana Alcerro-Ramirez opened 5-12-18 
Alyssa Motsinger opened 12-5-18 
Alissa Turney opened 9-3-20 
Amber Nistelbeck opened 12-6-19 
Amber Gilly Smith opened 1-28-21 
Amelia Fairchild opened 2-24-20 
Amori Doughty opened 10-28-20 
Amy Mullis murder opened 9-27-20 
Amy Wroe Bechtel opened 7-19-20 
Andre Sterling opened 11-23-20 
Andrea Bardas opened 12-24-18 
Andrew Caballeiro opened 7-4-20 
Andrew Caballeiro opene 2-23-20 
Anjelica AJ Hadsell opened 10-16-20 
Angela Martinez opened 12-7-19 
Angela Reyes opened 9-17-20 
Anne Marie Fahey opened 12-9-20 
Anna Bronislawa Maciejewska opened 9-9-2018 
Anne Marie Fahey opened 2-19-20 
Annie Laurie Hearin case opened 5-28-2018 by Psychic Brian Ladd 
Anna Maciejewska opened 9-11-18 
Anthony Campbell opened 11-30-20 
Anthony Diaz opened 1-5-19 
April Dawn Lacy opened 10-21-20 
Aranza Maria Ochoa Lopez opened 10-28-18 
Aranda Briones opened 1-28-19 
Ariauna Burk opened 2-2-21 
Arieanna Day opened 9.16.18 
Arianna Fitts opened 1-17-19 
Armaidre Antwan Maquie Argumon opened 10-3-20 
Armaidre Antwan Marquie Argumon opened 9-19-20 
Arnoldo Jimenez opened 7-17-20 
Asha Jaquilla Degree opened 5-2-18 
Asha Degree opened 1-17-19 
Ashley Johnson-Barr opened 9-11-18 
Ashley Morin opened 12-22-18 
Audrey French opened 1-18-20 
Audrey Moran opened 9-12-18 
Ashley Summers opened 11-18-20 
Audrey Westfall opened 11-22-19 
Autumn and Evelyn Collis opened 11-6-20 
Ayla Reynolds opened 4-29-18 
Azariah J. Petrick opened 8-18-20 
Bennington Triangle missing persons opened 11-7-20 
Benjamin Rapoza opened 1-10-20 
Beth Ann Brown Patterson opened 8-26-20 
Betty Gail Brown opened 10-28-20 
Beverly England opened 12-6-20 
Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel opened 7-16-20 
Blaze Kirkle and Ryder Kirkley opened 7-17-19 
Brandon Anderson opened 7-13-20 
Braxton Williams opened 12-15-19 
Breasia Terrell opened 7-18-20 
Brent Hartman murder opened 12-15-20 
Bresia Terrell opened 10-11-20 
Brian Shaffer opened 7-8-20 
Brittany Smith opened 2-8-21 
Brittanee Drexel opened 4-30-18 
Capital City Killings opened 11-10-20 
Carlos Rose opened 10-23-20 
Carolyn Wasilewski murder opened 10-20-20 
Cassie Compton opened 1-13-21 
Casey Lynn Hathaway opened 1-24-19 
Cayce McDaniel opened 9-28-20 
Cayce Lynn McDaniel opened 8-27-20 
Caylee Marie Anthonys mom Casey killed - opened 10-17-20 
Chanzi Delgado opened 10-6-20 
Charlie Knight opened 2-19-21 
Christine Jessop opened 10-26-20 
Christine Cummings opened 12-31-20 
Charles Antonie opened 12-10-19 
Chad Daybell opened 9-17-20 
Cherrie Mahan opened 10-18-20 
Cheryl Gene Grimmer opened 12-13-20 
Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson opened 11-6-20 
Colonial Parkway Murders opened 11-5-20 
Coulthurst family murders opened 9-29-20 
Corey Brown opened 1-25-19 
Craig Allen Frear opened 10-13-18 
Crystal Ann Tymich opened 9-23-20 
Crystal Rogers opened 8 - 10 -18 
Dakota James opened 2-4-21 
Dakota Ray opened 5-11-18 
Daliana Espinal opened 12-23-19 
Danielle Stislicki opened 10-10-18 
Danielle Buffalo opened 2-16-20 
Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone Jr. opened 9-10-20 
Danielle Schape opened 8-23-18 
Danny and Kathy Freeman, Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible opened 7-15-20 
Death of Elisa Lam 藍可兒 opened 9-9-18 
Denise Herrera-Barrientos opened 10-11-20 
DeOrr Kunz opened 7-24-20 
Dorothy Ann Distlehurst opened 5-23-2018 
Drew Temple opened 2-9-21 
Dulce Maria Alavez opened 9-20.19 
Dylan Esaú Gómez opened 7-24-20 
Dylan McGrath opened 2-22-19 
Dylan Pass Event - opened 7-10-20 
Edith Blais and Luca Tacchetto opened 1-5-19 
Eleanor Camacho opened 12-5-20 
Elisa Lam opened 2-12-21 
Elizabeth Garrow opened 9-25-20 
Emily Grant opened 7-21-20 
Elyssa O'Dell opened 12-21-20 
Erika Lloyd, James Escalante and Spencer Karas opened 10-24-20 
Ernesto Caballeiro and his daughter opened 1-29-20 
Eniya Sinclair opened 10-19-20 
Esther Dingley opened 12-20-20 
Etan Kalil Pat opened 5-11-18 
Evelyn Boswell opened 2-25-20 
Evelyn Mae Boswell opened 2-29-20 
Flynt Lee murder case finally solved opened 11-29-20 
Gabby's Bones opened 11-5-20 
Gabriel Scott Johnson opened 4-29-18 
Gannon Stauch opened 2-5-2020 
Genesis Sciandra Gutierrez Harris opened 1-7-21 
George Antonie opened 12-10-19 
Ginger Gibbs opened 12-25-18 
Guliana Major opened 1-14-21 
Hailey Dunn opened 7-28-20 
Hailey Dunn opened 8-5-20 
Haleigh Cummings opened 9-11-20 
Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings opened 4-29-18 
Hania Noelia Aguilar opened 11-5-18 
Hannah Graham opened 10-16-20 
Harley Dilly opened 1-1-20 
Heather Danyelle Teague opened 9-8-20 
Heather Teague opened 7-11-20 
Heidi Broussard and Margot Carey opened 12-16-19 
Helen Claire Frost opened 7 3 20 
Holly Suzanne Courtier opened 10-12-20 
Holly White opened 1-18-21 
Jabez Spann opened 1-17-19 
Jason Lee Lovelady opened 10-7-20 
James Faith opened 10-25-20 
Judy Shaver opened 8-10-20 
Isabella Hellmann opened 9-16-18 
Isabel Hicks opened 10-18-2019 
Jaclyn Dowaliby opened 10-7-20 
Jaselle Diaz opened 12-2-20 
Jane Marie Prichard opened 10-4-20 
Jasmine Deen opened 3-18-20 
Jaydon (unknown last name) opened 12-1-19 
Jayme Closs, James Closs and Denise Closs - opened 10-16-18 Breaking News 10-23-2018 
Jazmine Brown and and Markevia Wright opened 1-29-21 
Jean Marie Schoen opened 7-22-20 
Jennifer Farber Dulos opened 12-7-20 
Jennings Eight murders sometimes called Jeff Davis 8 or the Jennings 8 Loretta Lewis Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson Cristen Gary Lopez Whitnei Dubois Laconia "Muggy" Brown Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno Brittney Gary Necole Guillory opened 10-15-20 
Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin opened 1-8-19 
Jenna Van Gelderen opened 9-9-18 
Jeramy Burt opened 1-19-21 
Jessica Easterly was murdered by this man opened 8-8-20 
Jessica Gutierrez opened 11-3-20 
Joan Carolyn Risch opened 2-18-21 
JonBenét Ramsey opened 10-1-20 
John David Gosch opened 5-15-18 
John Spira opened 2-11-20 
Jordan Allen Gorman opened 11-15-20 
Jordan Ramsey opened 10-6-20 
Joseph Mulvaney - Gabbys Bones - she killed him - she wants strong enough to break the rib bone - not what they think - money and the church - body was in a whisky barrel first - she moved the body - numbers - lives by herself in Shoshoni Wyoming 
Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan opened 12-24-19 
Jonathan Nunez-coronado and Victor Nunez-Coronado opened 11-27-18 
JonBenet Ramsey opened 7-29-20 
Josiah Brantley opened 6-29-20 
Joshua Jones opened 2-14-21 
Joshua Quinteron opened 8-3-2020 
Joshua Vallow and his sister Tylee Ryan one dream was from December and the other February and May 20 now all that's left in this dream prediction is the death of Chad 6/11/20 
Joshua and Tylee Vallow opened 1-31-20 
Joy Morgan opened 1-20-21 
Julie Concialdi opened 9-9-20 
Junior Willie McCann opened 10-27-20 
Kahmila Ramirez and Luis Ramirez opened 5-11-18 
Kaimilani Teixeira opened 11-6-20 
Kamill Jones opened 8-6-20 
Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky opened 7-21-19 
Karlie Gusevis opened 7-14-19 
Karlie Lain Guse opened 12-15-18 
Katarzyna Zych opened 12-18-18 
Kathy Pereira opened 8-13-20 
Katie Mae Cawthorn opened 10-27-20 
Katiya Hunt opened 9-30-20 
Kaya Centeno opened 9-4-20 
Kaylah Blackmon opened 2-3-21 
Kayla Janae James opened 11-7-20 
Kayla Villegas opened 10-13-20 
Kaydyn Christensen opened 9-21-20 
Keith Johnson opened 7-23-20 
Keithy Obando opened 12-10-20 
Kelly Lynn Albright murderer opened 10-14-20 
Kelsey Berreth opened 11-30-18 
Ke’Shaun Bryant Vanderhorst opened 10-9-20 
Kimberly Meeks and Darryon Williams 
King Jay Davila opened 1-5-19 
Kobie Holiman opened 12-11-20 
Kristina Nelson, Jacqueline "Brandy" Miller, Steven Pearsall Christina White, and Kirstin David opened 10-5-20 
Kristin Smart missing woman located opened 11-28-20 
Kristin Smart, opened 4-19-20 
Kyron Horman opened 4-29-18 
LaSalle Street murders opened 10-11-20 
Latorra Michelle Tillman opened 9-16-20 
Laura Rea opened 1-17-21 
Lauren Dumolo opened 7-13-20 
Lauren Dumolo opened 8-6-20 
Leah Croucher opened 2-15-20 
Leo Isador Hiibel-Cloutier, Gene William Heckman and Mimi Charmayne Hiibel opened 6.4.2020 
Lisa Au opened 10-5-20 
Lindsey Baum opened 4-30-18 
Linda Collins-Smith opened 10-29-20 
Linda Stoltzfoos opened 10-8-20 
Lisa Bailey opened 8-11-20 
Lisa Renée Irwin opened 4-29-18 
Lisa Stebic opened 2-19-20 
Little Jane Doe opened 11-30-20 
Lizzbeth Aleman-Popoca opened 7-13-20 
Lizzie Borden opened 10-30-20 
Lonnisha Renee Askew opened 7-11-19 pending for July 2019 
Lori Streidl opened 10-21-20 
Lovers Lane murders opened 11-19-20 
Mackenzie Courchene opened 9-20-20 
MacKenzie Lueck opened 6-24-19 
Maddison Mcgrath opened 2-22-19 
Madison Bell opened 5-16-20 
Madison Noel Bell opened 5-16-20 
Maddox Ritch opened 9-25-18 
Madeleine Beth McCann (born 12 May 2003) disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment at a resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve region of Portugal. The Daily Telegraph described the disappearance as 
Madeleine McCann opened 7-30-20 
Madeleine Beth McCann opened 5-1-18 
Maeve Odonnell opened 1-10-21 
Makenzie Vega opened 9-26-20 lucid dream 
Malachai Talley opened 6 -30-20 
Maliyah Bass opened 8-21-20 
Maria-Ann McDonnell opened 10-9-20 
Marisela Botello opened 11-4-20 
Maria Musciano opened 2-13-21 
Maria Tudorica opened 1-6-19 
Martina Lopez opened 9-14-20 
Marilane Carter opened 8-8-20 
Marissa Reiner opened 10-2-20 
Mary Catherine Olenchu opened 10-15-20 
Mary Catherine Olenchuk opened 10-29-20 
Mary Badaracco opened 10-3-20 
Mary Schlais opened 11-27-20 
Maryah Mathew opened 2-22-19 
Markella Verami opened 6/12/2020 dream from the 6 - maybe related 
Maura Murray opened 5-1-18 
Maura Murray opened 7-7-20 
Maura Murray opened 7-23-20 
Maurice Antonio, Martha Lee, Louis Erico, Jennie Irene and Betty Dolly Sodder opened 5-13-18 
Melanie Road opened 11-21-20 
Melisa Gregory, Steven Fisher were not killed by Theresa Supino and Jodi Huisentruit opened 10-26-20 
Michaela Garecht opened 10-5-2018 
Michele Broadaway opened 2-13-21 
Michael Chambers opened 9-13-18 
Mildred Alexis Old Crow opened 11-25-20 
Miguel Quezada opened 10-31-20 
Missing Darra Australia child opened 2-5-21 
Missing Native American girl opened 2-27-20 
Missing Native American woman in Montana opened 1-8-2019 
Mollie Tibbetts opened 8-4-18 
Morgan Nick opened 10-1-20 
Moses Lall and Lila Buerattan opened 8-3-2020 
Myra Lewis opened 5-10-18 
Naomi Tetherly opened 12-21-18 
Naseem Nathan Slamang opened 9-11-20 
Natalee Ann Holloway opened 3-17-2020 
Natalie Jones opened 9-8-20 
Natasha Slippery opened 5-12-18 
Naya Rivera opened 7-10-20 
Nevan Baker opened 10-13-20 
Nicholas Barclay opened 5-14-18 
Nurnajla-Batrisya bt Shafee opened 7-12-19 
Oakland County Child Killer opened 11-1-20 
Olga Ooro opened 7-23-20 
Orrin and Orson West opened 1-8-21 
Osiel Rico opened 1-14-20 
Osiel Ernesto Rico found opened on 1-7-2020 
Paighton Lane Houston opened 12-23-19 
Pauline Robbin Burgett opened 9-30-20 
Paul Kochu opened 1-29-21 
Rachel Louise Cooke opened 10-21-20 
Rafael Garcia-Fayos opened 8-14-20 
Rebecca Basil opened 2-17-21 
Redhead Murders opened 11-9-20 
Reece Clark opened 1-18-20 
Relisha Rudd opened 1-3-19 
Rey Rivera murder opened 2020 
Robert Helen and Joy Sims opened 10-5-20 
Roda Camara opened 2-18-20 
Ronald Trotty Jr opened 9-18-20 
Rose Antonie opened 12-10-19 
Rosemary Chinyere Sylva Nnachi opened 12-12-20 
Rosie Johnson opened 6-26-19 
Rory Pope opened 9-2-20 
Royal Marquis Jeffrey opened 4-29-18 
Sabrina Aisenberg opened 5-4-18 
Sabrina Demarcus and Marcus opened 10-22-20 
Sadie Antonie opened 12-10-19 
Sam Dubal opened 10-26-20 
Samantha Sayers opened 10-10-18 
Santiago Guillen Jr opened 1-24-21 
Sarah Stern opened 10-9-18 
Sarah Galloway opened 8-23-20 
Sarah Wellgreen opened 10-23-18 
Savannah Childress opened 2-15-21 
Sebastian Castro Rivas opened 6-21-20 
Selena Cawley opened 10-31-20 
Selena Cawley opened 12-7-20 
Serenity Dennard opened 1-30-19 
Shaelie Lynn Stephens opened 8-17-20 
Shavonni Sewell opened 11-1-20 
Sherry Lynn Marler opened 9-29-20 
Simona Cifrova opened 10-5-20 
Sincere Brinson opened 12-6-19 
Sky Elijah Metalwala opened 4-28-18 
Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker opened 10-18-20 
Sophia Airey opened 12-18-18 
Sophia Hennessey opened 9-14-20 
Stacey Daniels opened 6-24-19 
Stacy Peterson opene 2-11-2020 
Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory murders opened 10-14-20 
Steven Pearsall and Christina White Lewis Clark Valley murders opened 11-26-20 
Surachai Danwattananusorn opened 9-9-20 
Susan Riedling opened 2-13-2021 
Stephanie Hollingsworth opened 10-2-20 
Suzanne Morphew case opened 7-27-20 
Suzy Lamplugh opened 2-17-21 
Tameka Smith opened 1-13-21 
Tandon Nielsen 11-2-20 
Tara Calico opened 7-4-20 
Tara Calico opened 7-19-20 
Tara Leigh Calico opened 1-25-21 
Taylor Lipman opened 9-5-20 
Taylor Williams new info added 11-16-19 
Teresa Marie Halbach opened 9-22-20 
The Boy in the Box opened 11-10-20 
Terri Jentz and Shayna Weiss opened 11-11-20 
The Eastbound Strangler opened 11-20-20 
The Lawton Serial Killer opened 11-16-20 
The Sodder Children - Maurice, Martha, Louis, Jennie, and Betty opened 7-5-20 
Thomas Hughes opened 1-25-21 
Timothy Cunningham opened 10-10-18 
Thomas Kolding opened 11-4-18 
Timothy Holmseth opened 9-16-20 
Timmothy Pitzen opened 5-23-18 
Timyra Callaway opened 10-8-20 
Tinsley West opened 2-16-21 
Tracy Lamont Herion opened 10-29-20 
Trenton John Duckett opened 5-18-18 
Tom Graham opened 10-27-20 
Trudy Armstrong opened 11-8-18 
Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. opened 12-3-20 
Tube Sock Killers - husband and wife opened 11-25-20 
T Williams Missing opened 7 -11-19 pending for August 2019 
Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow opene 2-16-20 
Tyler North opened 10-30-20 
Unknown black female age 15 opened 5-19-18 
Vernon Harrison opened 11-14-20 
Vanessa Ceja Ramirez opened 11-4-20 
Vanessa "Honey" Malone opened 10-4-20 
Vanessa Cosentino opened 1-18-21 
Vanessa Morales added 12-3-19 
Veta Belford opened 11-2-20 
Vincent Djie opened 6 29 20 
Wanted cop shooter from Compton Los Angeles County, California on September 12th 2020 
William Cierzan opened 10-13-18 
William Tyrrell opened 8-13-18 
Xavier Ortega-Herrera opened 9-28-20 
Zachary Michael-Cole Bernhardt opened 5-21-18 
Zia Byakika opened 12-1-20 
Zodiac Killers opened 10-1-20 
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Missing for December 2020 Missing person found - case update by psychic Brian Ladd Hair Eyes Height Weight Race case Updates 2021 tags: missing,missing kids,misssing persons,missing pleaople,kids missing,kids,pleople,persons,desapeair,news missing 
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This is an upcoming missing woman case - he took her to his house and she is being chained to this oil burner stove in a concrete and dirt basement of this very old home - old wire and lights are on the ceiling - there are exposed wires on the walls 
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