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I will love you always Christine
Christine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian
psychic prediction 6853 31 december 3 laddnumbers for a lottery in 4 days, I'm not sure where yet, sorry
psychic prediction 6852 31 december 2 laddMan shoots Steve Parrott (sp. I think) 27 times over the death of his son ironically his legacy page was deleted.
psychic prediction 6851 31 december 1 laddToo Short Todd Anthony Sean dies in his hotel room poisoned by his wife's boyfriend 366.
dream prediction number 6850 30 december 8 dreams brian ladda plane crash
dream prediction number 6849 30 december 7 dreams brian laddmore bad things
dream prediction number 6847 30 december 5 dreams brian laddI L 76 plane shot down by Ukraine forces 6 miles from tunnel containing, mix Russia aid.
dream prediction number 6846 30 december 4 dreams brian laddthis is a fire that happens on January 2, 2016 bunch of circles Spears and says church and a bunch more of numbers.
dream prediction number 6845 30 december 3 dreams brian laddI'm not exactly sure what these things are, but I know they are not nice.
dream prediction number 6844 30 december 2 dreams brian laddNew Year's Day 2016 black eye threat was decoy for Balint Berlin attack the bunch of numbers.
dream prediction number 6843 30 december 1 dreams brian laddRussia attempts to import nuclear weapons to Crimea (sp) in white humanitarian trucks backfires headed Ukraine produces proof much numbers a New York Times reporter is killed in a bunch of other stuff
dream prediction number 6842 29 december 2 dreams brian laddno memory of this dd, note: got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nighty dreams.
dream prediction number 6841 29 december 1 dreams brian laddno memory of this dd, note: got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nighty dreams.
dream prediction number 6840 28 december 2 dreams brian laddthis is the guy who derailed the train next week, he is an American protecting his family (censored) note: got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nightly dreams.
dream prediction number 6839 28 december 1 dreams brian laddorange sky and we all die, not sure about my dreams on the 28th and 29th, got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nightly dreams
dream prediction number 6838 27 december 4 dreams brian laddThe fire that burned the Maryam Mosque (real place in Texas) was stated by a Muslim (censored)
dream prediction number 6837 27 december 3 dreams brian laddfree angle, Nation of Islam ISIS planning US Attacks (censored)
dream prediction number 6836 27 december 2 dreams brian laddJanuary 2016 Lottery Pattern, be sure and add the last 2 digits of your DOB
dream prediction number 6835 27 december 1 dreams brian laddanother oil tanker car derailment using the same method, and this time...in just a few more days. (terrorism related)
dream prediction number 6834 26 december 2 dreams brian laddcan you see it?
dream prediction number 6833 26 december 1 dreams brian laddcan you see it?
dream prediction number 6832 25 december 2 dreams brian ladd0738001204 Antenna, zcg antenna, Julia Creek stay, rr box 100 44692 gatx os4, mount isa (matches dd6830 from last week)
dream prediction number 6831 25 december 1 dreams brian ladda bad thing happens in a few days
dream prediction number 6830 24 december 4 dreams brian laddWelcome to Julia Creek Gate ?? Enjoy your stay? numbers, metal box in the air, red?
dream prediction number 6829 24 december 3 dreams brian laddJimmy Wales goes missing, Wikipedia hacked...and more.
dream prediction number 6828 24 december 2 dreams brian laddok
dream prediction number 6827 24 december 1 dreams brian laddok
dream prediction number 6826 23 december 2 dreams brian laddSheldon Murdered by a member of Donald Trump's organization over something that will soon be impossible to hide...racism (the official story was he died of natural causes)
dream prediction number 6825 23 december 1 dreams brian laddThe web site Wikipedia shuts down after a massive Interpol Investigation involving drug dealing, money laundering and illegal pornography. (censored)
dream prediction number 6824 22 december 1 dreams brian laddnext weeks lottery pattern
dream prediction number 6823 21 december 2 dreams brian laddScientology ship sails for suicide mission
dream prediction number 6822 21 december 1 dreams brian ladd601 4th Avenue Ashland...other details on dd.
dream prediction number 6821 20 december 3 dreams brian ladd966 55 8152025 13711 sickle cell, man who was fired for giving a 12 year (old?) HIV burns down clinic in 2 years address incorrect?
dream prediction number 6820 20 december 2 dreams brian laddAl Zamil Family (a member of the Al Zamil Family, real, will be stoned to death for drawing a cartoon that many thought was of The Prophet Muhammad, turns out to be something else...after the fact)
dream prediction number 6819 20 december 1 dreams brian ladd966 55 8152025 13711 sickle cell, man who was fired for giving a 12 year (old?) HIV burns down clinic in 2 years address incorrect?
dream prediction number 6818 19 december 1 dreams brian laddstill not sure
dream prediction number 6817 18 december 2 dreams brian laddMadeline McCann case (nothing new) this is trash at the search location on the beach in Praia da Luz, Portugal
dream prediction number 6816 18 december 1 dreams brian laddSame dreams as last month, about December 25 and New Year's Day terrorist related incidences, the rest of it's on the dd, I had to cut out a few things in the public folder.
dream prediction number 6815 17 december 3 dreams brian laddThis is a helicopter, it's going to crash on live TV carrying some sort of boat with people on it (think they live)
dream prediction number 6814 17 december 2 dreams brian laddCanada lottery Max pattern next week 28 29 30 31 ad birth-date and number six.
dream prediction number 6813 17 december 1 dreams brian laddThis is some sort of drug gang war, it starts on a US army barracks something to do with a duffel bag full of drugs, other related drains possible.
dream prediction number 6812 16 december 2 dreams brian laddblacklivesmatter.com - DHS secretly shits down website after Sean Sean is arrested, terrorist force L Holloway to sell children SHDP I TY spring?
dream prediction number 6811 16 december 1 dreams brian laddTV ph 782 Britney Spears concert black box 6 concert terrorism 40782778270 NYX not sure.
dream prediction number 6801015 december 1 dreams brian ladda fire in Los Bay started by God
dream prediction number 6809 14 december 2 dreams brian laddDaniel Kasper's death will not stop the documents from reaching T NYT - more stuff about bad people and a 'fake' book in a library has all the details.
dream prediction number 6808 14 december 1 dreams brian laddnot sure (702) 739 941 122 . 177. 39 she is there, you are looking ??? 2738255 273825?
dream prediction number 6807 13 december 2 dreams brian laddburn the tree like we burn the fle?? SOUTH COAST PLAZE OOGI 3in TT Praise to Allah, Kuffler, GOD incarante? burn the trees just like we burn the nonbelievers,. 432-000? worked at pink phone (714) 432-0060 - 0060'
dream prediction number 6806 13 december 1 dreams brian laddInternet does down for 1/8 of the worlds population, 37 days later the world goes dark, Allah
dream prediction number 6805 12 december 1 dreams brian laddStar Book, Madeleine McCann, 217, father denies what can not be contested, photo leaked, tears finally show some truth after Gerry dies (woke up crying)
dream prediction number 6804 11 december 1 dreams brian laddfire, smoke in the sky in 5 more days (very sad and unpreventable)
dream prediction number 6802 10 december 2 dreams brian laddLisa Lynch killed over a report that was fabricated, when she found out what ????????
dream prediction number 6801 10 december 1 dreams brian laddKiller of Jewish gathering was Jewish
dream prediction number 6800 9 december 3 dreams brian laddC2IXX
dream prediction number 6799 9 december 2 dreams brian ladd2 days lottery mex 2 3 4 5 21 32 12 25

18 fire on Sunday December 20th 2015 wood boxes, hard to see numbers, 43?????4? near john lodge??
dream prediction number 6798 9 december 1 dreams brian ladd433 7678 smoke zone fake 'herbs' 10 arrests, suicide M?
Tim Zill Cossey IRS arrests leads to 'dark secrets' that eventually kill him
dream prediction number 6792 8 december 7 dreams brian laddterrorist related in the USA
dream prediction number 6791 8 december 6 dreams brian laddMorgan hill orchestra death for fate the charts.
dream prediction number 6790 8 december 5 dreams brian laddnot sure, Chinese
dream prediction number 6789 8 december 4 dreams brian laddMassacre at Sancreek was ground zero for the belief that time was real.
dream prediction number 6788 8 december 3 dreams brian ladd
dream prediction number 6787 8 december 2 dreams brian laddNorth Korea 'Mega Virus' is being tested in fishing boats sent to Japan, in payback for unit 731..not exactly what this same, but the dream is recurring since 2007.
dream prediction number 6786 8 december 1 dreams brian laddThe death of John Trump (most likely Donald Trump) was not related the fake 'nigger' recording, health and 'not sure'.
dream prediction number 6797 12 december 11 dreams brian laddThis is ongoing dream Russian hacker team discovers 27 exact coordinates of undersea cable fibers location is on the DD the device draw on the second Didi lose lower down on top of the cables and its uses a type a prism and lasers to splice into the Q5 will keep fiber cable what I'll be by knowing on the system fails and Russia covers of the evidence by destroying the cables and blaming it on terrorism
dream prediction number 6796 8 december 11 dreams brian laddThis is ongoing dream Russian hacker team discovers 27 exact coordinates of undersea cable fibers location is on the DD the device draw on the second Didi lose lower down on top of the cables and its uses a type a prism and lasers to splice into the Q5 will keep fiber cable what I'll be by knowing on the system fails and Russia covers of the evidence by destroying the cables and blaming it on terrorism
dream prediction number 6795 8 december 10 dreams brian laddcooran 631129H phone 61 7 54843162 no smoking xxxx (617 area code is Boston)
dream prediction number 6794 8 december 9 dreams brian laddRNSH 7111 balloons he boxes mail 4 eyes man drives into hospital dies one year later in the same hospital
dream prediction number 6793 8 december 8 dreams brian laddOklahoma earthquake
dream prediction number 6785 7 december 2 dreams brian laddCannot see fire burns are seven breaking news Willis here Friday, December 11 she's on fire 663374813 fire on December 11, 2015
dream prediction number 6784 7 december 1 dreams brian ladd - CopyI can see the smoke from the graves M ES Wildwood hole in the fence
dream prediction number 6783 6 december 3 dreams brian laddthis is the man who planed the 'live beheading' on a live morning TV show filmed in NYC, other details on the DD, and I also think this event will not be stopped, but the details will not be related to the public. Most of the time IMO, this is the best option, but this time 7 people will die because of secrets.
dream prediction number 6782 6 december 2 dreams brian laddlottery numbers for next week, similar pattern
dream prediction number 6781 6 december 1 dreams brian laddoil train derailment next week, other details on dd
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