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Dream number 8652 1 May 2017 1 by Brian Laddnot sure
psychic prediction 7259 31 may 2016 1 laddfreedom tunnel and more stuff
psychic prediction 7260 31 may 2016 2 laddchurch fire (see feb 2016 dds)
psychic prediction 7261 31 may 2016 3 laddfire on water (see past dd's about this boat)
psychic prediction 7257 30 may 2016 1 laddRequested from past dd's, these 4 people were 'murdered' by Donald Trump and that is all I wish to say on this. BTY, the FBI, CIA, and DHS came to my house to talk to me about my dreams...outside...meaning, they ask me to come outside and talk...in front of my kids. When I came out side there were at least 10 government officials, and no vehicles in my field of vision (which I commented on) They all came inside at my request...don't believe me, just ask them. If you live in AMERICA, what is coming next soon might affect, or at least bother you...and if you know me, I have NEVER said the words FUCK YOU on my site)
psychic prediction 728 30 may 2016 2 laddThis is the guy who DID NOT kill Mr. Donald Trump, for the one one's who did see my dd's from 2014
psychic prediction 7250 26 may 2016 1 ladd1 3 3 1 2 4 (pattern 123, lottery June 2016)
psychic prediction 7251 26 may 2016 2 laddtom hunter dprk murders cia fort lee nj
psychic prediction 7252 26 may 2016 3 laddcontainer ship fire (sideways)
psychic prediction 7253 26 may 2016 4 laddmexico church fire
psychic prediction 7254 26 may 2016 5 laddmay?
psychic prediction 7255 27 may 2016 1 laddInokashira, TOR Onshi Koen Hwange Park Zimbabwe cyanide murder not age 127,000 usd
psychic prediction 7256 28 may 2016 2 laddchild, push pin?
psychic prediction 7245 25 may 2016 1 laddMadeleine McCann found, sea ?? PDL 351 282 789 231 (more on dd)
psychic prediction 7246 25 may 2016 2 laddThis is about a real person confirmed by goggle...finally! A José Jaime Maussan Flota will go missing after a volcanic eruption in Mexico, and will return with the secret??
psychic prediction 7247 25 may 2016 3 laddCalifornia anthrax, 07-11637 1110 14f and stuff
psychic prediction 7248 25 may 2016 4 ladd
psychic prediction 7249 25 may 2016 5 laddDPRK terrorism, blows up jet in Japan for Barrack Obama visit, long list of numbers, South Korea National Intelligence Service suicide, japan mechanic, jet, no choice, fake suicide, jin air, no accident cover up by US (see 2015 dds for related dreams)
May 23-24 2016 dr scan 8May 23-24 2016 dr scan
May 23-24 2016 dr scan 7May 23-24 2016 dr scan
May 23-24 2016 dr scan 3May 23-24 2016 dr scan
May 23-24 2016 dr scan 1May 23-24 2016 dr scan
psychic prediction 7238 23 may 2016 1 laddagain, more nightmares of lights in the sky, sickness and tears...these things are not coming in peace.
psychic prediction 7239 23 may 2016 2 ladd(un censored) Monday May 30th fire, how it started and why it started (very sad, no comments for now)

psychic prediction 7240 23 may 2016 3 laddLottery number pattern for next week, note the number of 1's and 5's (like before, the first 2 numbers are added to make the 5th number, bonus number is 2 for USA)
psychic prediction 7241 23 may 2016 4 laddthis is him, the event will happen on May 26th of 2016, I do not know the time, just the face for now.
psychic prediction 7242 24 may 2016 1 laddmore details of the magnitude 8.9 and 9.2 quakes in California, not sure how these magnitude 3 quakes on the 26th of this month have anything to do with it.
psychic prediction 7243 24 may 2016 2 ladd9 11 8 4 2
psychic prediction 7244 24 may 2016 3 laddMUFON, and a series of numbers water is everywhere??
May 20 2016 dream review 2
May 20 2016 dream review 1
May 19 2016 dream review 3
May 19 2016 dream review 2
May 19 2016 dream review 1
psychic prediction 7237 21 may 2016 1 laddsea floor map of a plane crash, no comment..yet
psychic prediction 7236 20 may 2016 2 laddA UFO 'accident' in Texas next month.
psychic prediction 7235 20 may 2016 1 laddno comment
psychic prediction 7234 19 may 2016 3 laddworld lost a great person today, reports say actor was intoxicated and took off from Van Nuys Airport
psychic prediction 7233 19 may 2016 2 laddEl Capitan Theatre fire was arson, no deaths
psychic prediction 7232 19 may 2016 1 laddPopocatépetl Volcaneo erupts 87 days after impact, lights and smoke in the sky Mexico on May 21st 2016, La Ermita del Silencio Church DD 7152 from April 25th of this year, and it was a nightmare I hope never becomes reality)
psychic prediction 7231 18 may 2016 3 laddMore on actress Rosie O'Donnell's death...well a very well planned murder (see past 8 dd's on the same same subject matter. IMO, she is a wonderful actress and speaks from her heart. The sad thing is that most people in the US thing that our country and the people that run it do not have the 'balls' that Russia has about eliminating people that can hurt you. In Miss O'Donnell's case it's too late, but there are more people that do not need to die for 'male ego'
psychic prediction 7230 18 may 2016 2 ladd 5 days trato go, red blue train
psychic prediction 7229 18 may 2016 1 laddThis is the man responsible for US President Donald Trump "N" word candidate, amazing software makes it almost impossible to determine if the audio files is a fake (it is) Diamondcut systems confirm the file is a hoax (see past dd's from 2014-2015)
psychic prediction 7228 17 may 2016 2 laddThe fire that killed 127 at The Strand apartment complex in New Orleans was started by this man, he is a Catholic Priest (censored)
psychic prediction 7227 17 may 2016 1 laddnot sure, (910) 822-1700
psychic prediction 7226 16 may 2016 1 laddA fire to take place on May 28th of this year (details on dd)
psychic prediction 7225 15 may 2016 2 laddA problem with the International Space Station next month
psychic prediction 7224 15 may 2016 1 laddLarnaca International Airport media black? 61 HC
psychic prediction 7223 14 may 2016 8 laddNext weeks 4.7 , 5.6 and three other small earthquakes do not have anything to do with the 9.2 and 8.7 LA and SF quake this year (see past dds fro, 2008)
psychic prediction 7222 14 may 2016 7 laddLA 16713 flakka, no, no clothes man poisons cit water 127 days later, no walking, not sure about the of this chicken scratch (censored)
psychic prediction 7221 14 may 2016 6 laddMegatons to Megawatts, the program that killed the world (dirty weapons, censored)

psychic prediction 7220 14 may 2016 5 laddWorse than Nazi's, ? mass killing of people, Morgan Street (this is most likely North Korea's genocide operation of 'non-humans' program that's going on right now. Millions of non-persons are being burned alive in the 'worlds largest' tunnel system in the world. For more on this, see the past 30 or so dd's from the past 6 YEARS!!)
psychic prediction 7219 14 may 2016 4 laddUnit 731 Japan will suffer 1000 times the pain, shalin ? 81 3-3690-6681 phone
psychic prediction 7218 14 may 2016 3 laddAn event (not a good one) that will take place this Friday May 20th (censored)
psychic prediction 7217 14 may 2016 2 laddImagine that you knew for sure what will happen when you die, 100% sure, Life would be ALL JOY - YOU KNOW! Before your birth, you were DEAD! Wash,Rinse, Repeat (three worlds that have the power to end suffering in humans, the only species on this planet who forgot what life means)
psychic prediction 7216 14 may 2016 1 laddYou are not special, you are not important, you do not matter, your death would have no effect on the living world. When you can accept this with the ego, you will 'finally' see that you R every thing and EVERY Where 'no fear'
psychic prediction 7215 13 may 2016 2 laddMore on DPRK's chemical and Nuclear attacks against Japan and the west coast of the US
psychic prediction 7214 13 may 2016 1 ladda psychic dream about this plant found only in Nigeria 'shocks' the 'skeptic' world. A psychic name Caroline Mess (not sure, could not verify this is a real real person yet, but really doesn't matter) has a dream vision of plat that only grows in Nigeria (assuming Africa) cures ALL forms of cancer...which would be a wonderful and a long time coming.
psychic prediction 7213 12 may 2016 3 laddSony Pictures Park burns to the ground, and despite what news reports day...it is a terrorist related. (censored)
psychic prediction 7212 12 may 2016 2 laddAccident at 6 Flags Amusement Park next month (details on dd)
psychic prediction 7211 12 may 2016 1 laddtrain accent next week (details on dd)
psychic prediction 7210 11 may 2016 3 ladddoes not have to die
psychic prediction 7209 11 may 2016 2 laddmore details on the North Korea's chemical attacks on Japan using fishing and cargo ships, this is the 13th DD on this topic since Dec of 2014 (note the 731 in the DD, which should be a number everyone in Japan knows about, and not forgotten.)
psychic prediction 7208 11 may 2016 1 laddkiller
psychic prediction 7207 10 may 2016 3 laddchainsaw 41466 Emma Coronel Aispuro killed by family member
psychic prediction 7206 10 may 2016 2 laddfirst shot fired of WW III 712322623
psychic prediction 7205 10 may 2016 1 laddbars Aning Akili Gord - EN Chaimette
psychic prediction 7204 9 may 2016 2 laddblack sunday church fire - Gods final word
psychic prediction 7203 9 may 2016 1 laddAmerican Communist Party member John Carter knew that Edgar H. ordered the 'accidental' poisoning of Alan Turing, 51 Pont Saint Esprit
psychic prediction 7202 8 may 2016 2 laddJames Randdi Love Brain Swells, death is the start, not stars he's seeing
psychic prediction 7201 8 may 2016 1 laddthis is a helicopter view of the 'X' Airline plane crash, (very soon) the number and where the arrow is pointing is why, and how.
psychic prediction 7200 7 may 2016 8 laddSpratly Island is no more
psychic prediction 7199 7 may 2016 7 laddPalm Jumeirah Island is no more
psychic prediction 7198 7 may 2016 6 laddJohnson 116371 fire (not sure)
psychic prediction 7197 7 may 2016 5 laddMore on actress Rosie O'Donnell accident, and I still say Donald Trump was (or will be) the cause.
psychic prediction 7196 7 may 2016 4 laddfor some reason one drop fake white truffle in all meals make the human body burn more calories. The odor tricks the body into producing ? The smell alone seems to be all that's needed IMO
psychic prediction 7195 7 may 2016 3 laddMissing child Madeleine McCann case, location of some very important objects, Praia Da Luz Portugal
psychic prediction 7194 7 may 2016 2 laddHonored Society ex member kills leader? John P. Key, chains and more stuf
psychic prediction 7193 7 may 2016 1 ladd Saint Louis Rams 2 day R Stars and more stuff
psychic prediction 7192 6 may 2016 6 laddSunday May 8th, 22:12 fire that killed ???? was not arson..343 332 3244 May 27th arrest at hrf??
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