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Psychic prediction 7836 31 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladd~02641277380 Jungle Road 2135 Tomas Maier (more killings over ego)
Psychic prediction 7835 31 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd~0Jay Bienstock did not kill himself over Donald Trump 'nigger / n-word' scandal, this is an ongoing dream topic since October of 2015, the numbers are a location of where Jay's body was found.
Psychic prediction 7834 30 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddDonald Trump Florida red hat
Psychic prediction 7833 30 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd9045734895 F R H R R
Psychic prediction 7832 30 October 2016 2 by Brian Laddflash drive located on a beach in Florida by a man using a metal detector, the data found on it is very dangerous.
Psychic prediction 7831 30 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddAccident at a Stuart Air Show in Flordia in about a week or so, details on DD.
Psychic prediction 7830 29 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddClinton did not need to die, metal detector restral if found will be life changing U0503Q 26°41'27.73"N 80° 2'1.35"W (again, to save time here is the exact location from the dd)
Psychic prediction 7829 28 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddRosie O'Donnell confirms secret relationship with Hillary Clinton, 17 Hotel, Photobucket account ********* password ***********
Psychic prediction 7828 28 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddRussian, not DPRK hackers caused reactor failure
Psychic prediction 7827 27 October 2016 4 by Brian Ladda ufo
Psychic prediction 7826 27 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddSomething to do with Anderson Cooper
Psychic prediction 7825 27 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 7824 27 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 7823 26 October 2016 6 by Brian Ladd(censored) DHS lies again about the upcoming commercial airline accident stating it was not a 'trial run'
Psychic prediction 7822 26 October 2016 5 by Brian Ladd~0July 28th, 1979 November 29th 2016 Mohamed Badie Anthony Weiner arrested with Hilary Clinton planning a terrorist attack. This almost the same dd from December 2015, but did not mention the arrests were terrorism related.
Psychic prediction 7821 26 October 2016 4 by Brian Ladd~0fake fire responsible for 2 deaths (not sure yet, this is plane, not a truck)
Psychic prediction 7820 26 October 2016 3 by Brian Ladd~0Fake Clinton emails released on WikiLeaks on November 1st, 2016 are fake and the same person is to blame. This is not related to the death of Donald Trump or Hilary Clintons arrest (search past dd's on this) This dd is an attempt to stop what's going to happen and expose what's really going on.
Psychic prediction 7819 26 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladd~0Guccifer (hacker) current location and other details
Psychic prediction 7818 26 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd~0California earthquake on October 30th, 2016
Psychic prediction 7817 25 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddThese are US Powerball numbers for November 12, 2016 (I think)
Psychic prediction 7816 25 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddMarch 2017 EuroMillions numbers, not 2016
Psychic prediction 7815 25 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddPowerball numbers for March 2017, dd says 2016 but pretty sure its 2017
Psychic prediction 7814 24 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddStrait of Messina disaster (see 2013 dds)
Psychic prediction 7813 24 October 2016 1 by Brian Laddumbr BBC visso OH historic church
Psychic prediction 7812 23 October 2016 4 by Brian Ladda terrorist attack in the UK close to a whole food ( the real place) the man who is planning this (see dd) is in Saint Mary's Church right now 20 7610 4180
Psychic prediction 7811 23 October 2016 3 by Brian Laddwe are ashamed to be naked
Psychic prediction 7810 23 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddThe upcoming JFK airport education will be caused by this single man, the public will be told it was a hoax, however, this man is the key person for the December 23rd, 2016 JFK Tragedy that killed so many for no reason at all
Psychic prediction 7809 23 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddPopocatepetl Volcano erupts (pending) due to these things, very scary and not from this planet
Psychic prediction 7808 22 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddCoalinga earthquake (pending)
Psychic prediction 7807 22 October 2016 3 by Brian Laddover 2 million people are now basically living in the subway system in Pyongyang, North Korea, ready for war
Psychic prediction 7806 22 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddThis is about Alejandro Cao de Benós de Les y Pérez execution (censored)
Psychic prediction 7805 22 October 2016 1 by Brian Laddaa Orlando no 1655
Psychic prediction 7804 21 October 2016 4 by Brian Laddan upcoming huge warehouse fire, I saw giant rolls of wires and metal boxes actually glowing from the heat, it will be arson and not terrorist related
Psychic prediction 7803 21 October 2016 3 by Brian Laddan upcoming huge warehouse fire, I saw giant rolls of wires and metal boxes actually glowing from the heat, it will be arson and not terrorist related. (this is the guy who set the fire)
Psychic prediction 7802 21 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddNorth Korea 'Fishing Boat / Bio and Chemical Weapons Lab' set on fire, the cloud of smoke is not OK to breathe. (next week)
Psychic prediction 7801 21 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddLottery numbers for next month, watch close and please play
Psychic prediction 7800 20 October 2016 3 by Brian Laddthis took some time to translate, to sum it up n 7 days the ship paek se bong ship (another fake DPRK fishing boat) will unload 3 nuclear warheads at a new port located near the city of Tianjin China. This time Kim Ju UN (DPRK Dictator) brother is on board to oversee the sale of these warheads to a fake Chinese Company with ISIS ties...and the rest is censored, but I can tell you the 2015 Tianjin explosions were not what they say, and ARE connected to this event.
Psychic prediction 7799 20 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddTimisoara drone anthrax (censored) - Nancy Lieder (UFO Scientist) dies and a secret dies with her, this is the address of the man that causes the horrific accident (dd from March 2015)
Psychic prediction 7798 20 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd3 days 12 gavin not te? foxglove leaves 800 224-22-22 ian foxley murder poison - masterframing????????? Clovelly
Psychic prediction 7796 19 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladd12 new arrests in Cloudflare world terrorism case, this is an ongoing dd from the end of last year, search my site for additional details.
Psychic prediction 7795 19 October 2016 1 by Brian Laddnot suicide, Lee Holloway
Psychic prediction 7794 18 October 2016 5 by Brian Ladd61398
Psychic prediction 7793 18 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddGuccifer 2.1 shuts down the web, DPRK spy, not what they think, 5 days
Psychic prediction 7792 18 October 2016 3 by Brian Ladd61398
Psychic prediction 7791 18 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladddog Jesus shakes church to its knees, yes fear god phone number 5808243478
Psychic prediction 7790 18 October 2016 1 by Brian Laddeuro numbers
october 18th 2016 dreams icloud thumbnailsISIS attacks New York Times office, hostages killed on live stream
Psychic prediction 7789 17 October 2016 6 by Brian Ladd6 babies found in landfill, Hickory Ridge Landfill reporter Nicole Carr
Psychic prediction 7788 17 October 2016 5 by Brian Laddopen 4 days turkey baden lottery 5 10 11 25 26- 27 40
Psychic prediction 7787 17 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddUSA by using organic food preparation against the enemy. John Mackey death confirms he worked with isis leader HAV
Psychic prediction 7786 17 October 2016 3 by Brian Laddon October 21st NetFlix Stock's price will start to fall, it will continue to fall until it reaches $6.20 a share, I'm not sure how many days or even weeks it will take until it hits bottom, but the start of the fall in on the 21st.
Psychic prediction 7785 17 October 2016 2 by Brian Laddon October 21st NetFlix Stock's price will start to fall, it will continue to fall until it reaches $6.20 a share, I'm not sure how many days or even weeks it will take until it hits bottom, but the start of the fall in on the 21st.
Psychic prediction 7784 17 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 7783 16 October 2016 7 by Brian Laddking tide earthquake 24 hours later October 19 2016 (nothing new)
Psychic prediction 7782 16 October 2016 6 by Brian Ladd1st terrorist bombing of the 2 Chen?? tunnel fails, bomb caused power grid to 'trip' dprk (not sure what tunnel this maybe yet)
Psychic prediction 7781 16 October 2016 5 by Brian Ladd3 6 9 23 37 43 13 32 38 (lottery matrix #3 from jan 2016)
Psychic prediction 7780 16 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddNorth Korea Suprise, 20 October 2016
Psychic prediction 7779 16 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddDiamonds are everywhere, just under the dust and dirt (again, to save time, this is the exact location according to the dd, and apparently the entire area is cover with diamonds) 34°21'19.72"N 107°30'2.31"W

Psychic prediction 7778 16 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddMax Gerson theellenshow (twitter account) , the death of Ellen Degeneres and much, much more.
Psychic prediction 7777 16 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 7776 15 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddWings Over Georiga airshow accident, this is who cause it (pending)
Psychic prediction 7775 15 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd67063 Ludwigshafen (spelling maybe wrong)
Psychic prediction 7774 14 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddLondon UK Christan Street shooting, green fense around tennis court
Psychic prediction 7773 13 October 2016 7 by Brian Laddnumbers, old matrix
Psychic prediction 7772 13 October 2016 6 by Brian Laddvia sorento apartment black power behind jnail evergreen works at village center shopping center gilbert
Psychic prediction 7770 13 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddRagga drone weapons factory, in fact here is the exact location of more than a drone / anthrax factory, these are the people making the latest deadly terrorist weapons for ISIS, and is backed by the same UK firm that does all of the ISIS Terrorist Videos final edits.
Psychic prediction 7769 13 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddThis is a new OLED mobile device that has a very special app on it...its a bomb! Here is how is works, and all the bomb app needs to do is display a specific color on the display. The man-made organic molecules on the 3rd and 4th layers have been altered to react with the 6th layer. There are no current testing devices in place to detect these mobile / bomb smart devices, and it's going to take people to die before a very simple and cheap test is developed. I'm pretty sure the app will NOT be available on the Apple or Google Play Stores. (there are 5 additional dd's related to this one, log in to view. Brian)

The upcoming US Airlines and Delta Airlines crashes cause the FAA and DHS to ban all mobile devices that have not been modified. The special translucent modeling g is a clear cover with a special clip and holograph that changes when a certain type of light is shined on it. This has nothing to do with the Organic LED explosive masking, which is an entirely new problem. OLED mobile devices make a perfect bomb that currently undetectable...sadly, people have to die before agencies that are in charge, do anything abut it (see other DD)
Psychic prediction 7768 13 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddMore details about the new Donald Trump 'sex videos' and the murders involved with the cover up. (not related to the 'n' word recordings, which are real as of today)
Psychic prediction 7767 13 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd133 friends roads??? fire 3 homes, 1.7 million, dream, tell her works at 8563102206 (I could not go down stairs, I burned to death, ironically it felt cold)
Psychic prediction 7766 12 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddBoth Russia and North Korean EMP tests fail, the tests will be done jointly and in secret. Look for small earthquakes in the following grids
Psychic prediction 7765 12 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddOn December 23rd ar 21:41 hours A Glory to God Ministries in Palm Springs California God is coming to say a few things.
Psychic prediction 7764 12 October 2016 2 by Brian Laddbreaking news from the CDC
Psychic prediction 7763 12 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd epart RIW 34 3286z handolo 32862
Psychic prediction 7762 11 October 2016 5 by Brian LaddA hotage situation at a resrtuant in Colorado (censored)
Psychic prediction 7761 11 October 2016 4 by Brian Ladddon't let him take her
Psychic prediction 7760 11 October 2016 3 by Brian Laddpoles are everywhere 34427 H 03442251826
Psychic prediction 7759 11 October 2016 2 by Brian Laddlottery in three days based on a three matrix, yes I know there are way too many numbers right now.
Psychic prediction 7758 11 October 2016 1 by Brian Laddwat phra that duikam 7 explosions kill 271 12 days 1
Psychic prediction 7757 10 October 2016 5 by Brian LaddDeath is not the end brain, 7075420205 , look at the nights (on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at dawn, look up for a sign from Jesus)
Psychic prediction 7756 10 October 2016 4 by Brian LaddGreen Island near Middletown California (real place) The grounds going to shake, and if you're there when it does, something wonderful will happen (all I know)
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