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Psychic prediction 7938 30 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd~02256852369 lies, 44112 terrorist fails to obtain chemical weapons from FBI undercover rig blows saint Gabriel
Psychic prediction 7937 30 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd~0Satanic Temple of Seattle joke burns the wrong home and 4 children die, 1761 Ti T
Psychic prediction 7936 29 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddThis is about psychic Colin Fry who died ( the real person) there is something wrong with how he died if it's even true he did. Something he was supposed to do did not, happen...there is a solid oak box that he was supposed to give to someone. The address of the box is in the DD, and if the person he left this for read this, they will know what I'm talking about.
Psychic prediction 7935 29 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddDanielle Egnew sees her own death in a dream. this is not her death, but her friends from the east?
Psychic prediction 7934 29 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddJimmy Wales death is related to arrest and 'mob connection' Wikipedia (pretty sure this is Mr. Wales, Wikipedia founder)
Psychic prediction 7933 29 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddKoreatown LA evacuation is too late, numbers
Psychic prediction 7932 28 November 2016 3 by Brian Laddsao paulo long candles god is here
Psychic prediction 7931 28 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddno idea
Psychic prediction 7930 28 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddDemerson 44 133 444 Jesus saved hm? go there, March 16th, 1986 - March 17th, 2083 you were saved? 44 Copa Sudamericana (same dream as last week)
Psychic prediction 7929 27 November 2016 5 by Brian Ladd904 771-2568 Fight turns into murder and arson, not accident Jackson Cook , round bathtub, burned carpet, look under the trailer here
Psychic prediction 7928 27 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddDynamic Airlines crash in 2017 (there is no Dynamic Airlines, just a Dynamic Airways)
Psychic prediction 7927 27 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddDonald Trump did not tell Jennifer Roberts, FBI warning (so this event can easily be avoided)
Psychic prediction 7926 27 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd? 704 326-1936. Police shooting, Kerby am I next, Trumps surprise visit to charlotte fails, Saturday 3rd day December 201, not sure, mclean, (the address of the person who shot the police officer
Psychic prediction 7925 27 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 7922 26 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddnot sure
Psychic prediction 7923 26 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddQU 18 14 26 57 36
Psychic prediction 7924 26 November 2016 3 by Brian Laddanother nightmare from space
Psychic prediction 7918 25 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddSkinhead hero fooled the world? test run failed horujko
Psychic prediction 7919 25 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddThis is about Donald Trump
Psychic prediction 7920 25 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddAmerican Airline flight 17 crashes just 67 days after maiden flight alt 37510 feet cia not fbi DPRK terrorist, toothpaste (same dd again)
Psychic prediction 7921 25 November 2016 4 by Brian Laddyou know (not sure about the rest)
Psychic prediction 7913 24 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddA white pride group from North Carolina are the ones who are producing the Nitroglycerin toothpaste that will be used for the next (2) airline disasters. (excluding the one this week) The group is leaving clues behind at Walmart stores hoping authorities will connect the dots to the hate group, The New Blank Panthers. (nothing new really here either)
Psychic prediction 7914 24 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddbest gore video how to slaughter the disbelievers (and I'm certain this is the one, (search yourself on this one, VERY graphic and suitable for no one, click on the puppy, trust me
Psychic prediction 7915 24 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddLas Vegas Casinos slot machine numbers for the month of January 2016, a machine's serial numbers are...
Psychic prediction 7916 24 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddGoodwill is ** terrorist shopping list Christmas
Psychic prediction 7917 24 November 2016 5 by Brian LaddMajor world lottery numbers for 10, yes 10 lotteries for the month of January 2017 (will post back here in Febuary 2017 with how many picks were correct)
Psychic prediction 7909 23 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddFilmmaker Michae Moore upcoming hospital visit is caused by this man, but he is not the man who will torture and kill him.
Psychic prediction 7910 23 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddThierry Ardisson body found floating in a lake near Vervaux (sick stuff) Russian Mafia, instructions came from secret docu retry location mention in the last will and testament of David Hamilton from the UK. Other pain hits include Woody Allen, Jeffrey Jones, Donald Trump, R Kelly, Richard A. Acevedo (censored)
Psychic prediction 7911 23 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddHOME CHEF, anthrax, ebola, salmonella poison, company ex-employee is secretly working with DPRK in America
Psychic prediction 7912 23 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddCameroon train crash On 21 October 2016, the name of the train company and location with phone numbers seem to all match...very sad and preventable accident.Again, this IS NO ACCIENDT and will happen again...and again...and again until this man is arrested.
Psychic prediction 7909 22 November 2016 3 by Brian Laddthis is about this week's plane crash
Psychic prediction 7907 22 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddKimberly Boling arrested for child abuse, Florida 213321
Psychic prediction 7908 22 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddthe third murder happens in 24 hours by the same man, drawn, Chattanooga white power
Psychic prediction 7908 21 November 2016 3 by Brian Laddnot sure who this is supposed to be, but it was not a very pleasant dream
Psychic prediction 7907 21 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladddetails about this week's plane crash, the number 13 44 are there again along with the flight number, pilots name and phone numbers that match past dd, so basically there is nothing new here
Psychic prediction 7906 21 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddmiuk numbers and the rest I think is in Korean
Psychic prediction 7905 20 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddIS NOT A JOKE You know what, we? get into an accident because you distract me!!! road rage isis flag
Psychic prediction 7902 20 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddOmari West no funeral polo road Kanye West poisoned again, bitcoin hits, Trump
Psychic prediction 7903 20 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddEuromillions numbers
Psychic prediction 7904 20 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddI don't know
Psychic prediction 7901 19 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddsun harvest church oxycontin bus driver 38132862 300 076 (relates to dd 7687 from September 20th, 2016
Psychic prediction 7900 19 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddHaslam heart attack December 25th, 2016
Psychic prediction 7899 18 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddAmerica cries
Psychic prediction 7898 18 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddan amazing event with the sun
Psychic prediction 7897 18 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddhe went to sou?? church speed kills, hole in roof kills
Psychic prediction 7896 17 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddgrid 54SWG3567238435 Onagawa (I think this is DPRK related)
plane crash at seat 13A 449I214 Donald Trump's ex-lover found dead, details on dd with name and address of who did it, censored. Mega Millions winning numbers for January 3rd, 2016 reactor 1c rods 11346 123232
Psychic prediction 7895 16 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddUttar Pradesh 209111 derail metal mold breaks apart on impact (ongoing train derailments of US Trains, about 30 dreams posted so far on this same type of 'home made train derailer' 12391 ragah Masood Azhar
Psychic prediction 7894 16 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddYassine Salhi Fran├žois Fillon fire killed just 39 days after assuming???
Psychic prediction 7893 15 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddDNA test call 540 286 2500 RX wrong compulsive disorder she knows what he wants to do, Buckley ?
Psychic prediction 7892 15 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddblood in the street, December 3rd, 2016 am outside call 773 237-9600, shooting outside, more numbers
Psychic prediction 7891 14 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddDetails, again, of the upcoming commercial airline crash on the 11th of December 2016, again uses a youtube 'how to make nitro' recipe.
Psychic prediction 7890 14 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddfake goes sat launch gets caught, error signals Russian hackers, NASA, rocket fire, 3214947731, rescheduled failed ???? ready to fly came from Russia and DPRK B11 (censored)
Psychic prediction 7889 14 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddanother upcoming school shooting (censored)
Psychic prediction 7888 13 November 2016 5 by Brian LaddN713??? (775) 777-1333 real number can hear the blasts from here, windows are shaking.
Psychic prediction 7887 13 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddDEGESCH ZYKLON CYANGETALT 120 will not go away - all are loved
Psychic prediction 7886 13 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd PPPID buy ay .0241 sell at 37.116
Psychic prediction 7885 13 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddThe same Russian State hacker group (actually its only 3 people) attack USA Univesity's in order to gain personal information to be used in the blackmail family members with information about Donald Trump's illegal activities and upcoming attacks in the USA and Israel, sadly the blackmail does not work, and many will die in tragic accidents. It's not DPRKs bureau 121, it's the same Russian group. Another indicator of this and other similar events will be the 3 fold increase in monthly bribery payments being made by Trump to offshore bank account....and then all of a sudden these payments stop. Panama Papers and Donald Trumps offshore bank account numbers are already on WikiLeaks (as of November 13th, 2016
Psychic prediction 7884 13 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddDEGESCH ZYKLON CYANGETALT 120 will not go away - all are loved

US Synagogue terrorist attacks using poison gas cans sold on eBay from the Halacault filled with Anthrax produced in Russia and the DPRK, ay least that's what I think this dream is about.
Psychic prediction 7883 12 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddAll cats were domesticated by Jesus in Jerusalem, 6 thousand years off (no idea where this came from)
Psychic prediction 7882 12 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddElcomSoft employees are secretly killed by basically the Russian Government, not the North Koreas, over a major internet outage next month
Psychic prediction 7881 11 November 2016 6 by Brian LaddDonald Trump health issues again, faked, lung cancer is only at stage one and his latest hospital visit was only his 7th heart attack in 3 years.
Psychic prediction 7880 11 November 2016 5 by Brian LaddPresident Pence announces his resignation of the office of President of the United States due to 'family reasons' in fact, this is true in a way

Psychic prediction 7879 11 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd'it's not just the noise and bright blue light, it's the smell' An awful accidental electrocution of several people caught on live streaming video.
Psychic prediction 7878 11 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddFriday, September 29th, 2017 massacre, sept 29 1941 Belz Great Synagogue
Psychic prediction 7877 11 November 2016 2 by Brian Laddthe fiery crash that killed Princess Diana on August 31, 1997, 0800789321, the same group that killed 4 members of Donald Trumps family (pending)
Psychic prediction 7876 11 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddMassive 'dark web' bitcoin paid family killings, group anonymous release's the names, addresses and phone numbers of several conspiracy theory websites contributors along with the top 100 Donald Trump private email 'friends' and the terror begins. The worst thing about this, only family members are being targeted. Awful dream again...and the only way to stop this is to unplug the net. If this done not happen, thousands will secretly die and NOONE will make a connecting to these homicides, not accidents...and the Russian 'bitcoin' connection. IMO the person with the most bitcoins is who you're looking for, so figure out how to crack the system. I have a list of over 300 names of the people who are going to die of accidents, mostly car crashes....this will NOT be publically posted.
Psychic prediction 7875 10 November 2016 5 by Brian LaddNalcatab CAT MEOW Gordon Summer shot 27 times
Psychic prediction 7874 10 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd arrest false, radio show 8048342368 and more stuff
Psychic prediction 7873 10 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd3363882689 Saturday 3 December 2016 1130 pelham
Psychic prediction 7872 10 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd2132504404 3364320386
Psychic prediction 7871 10 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddIvana 1 2-20-49 2-20-17 body burned, still, traces of Polonium found in car and bed (concerns the murder of Ivana Trump)
Psychic prediction 7870 9 November 2016 5 by Brian LaddThe voices are trying to kill me 4125334199 (my sister and my uncle did, and both are dead from them, I have never thought my voices were tring to kill me, Brian
Psychic prediction 7869 9 November 2016 4 by Brian LaddNovember 22nd, 2016
Psychic prediction 7868 9 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddAnother paid deep web hit. Kevin Modany killed in pretrial ? September 27, 2017 ...other stuff
Psychic prediction 7867 9 November 2016 2 by Brian LaddAnother paid deep web hit. Kevin Modany killed in pretrial ? September 27, 2017 ...other stuff
Psychic prediction 7866 9 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddThis is who they are looking for
Psychic prediction 7865 8 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 7864 8 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddMartin Shkreli's body found floating near Plum Island, same two men that killed Boris Nemtsov, Clifford Baxter
Psychic prediction 7863 8 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd442086886347 2511 nodyorc Alan Pardew warm love fields
Psychic prediction 7862 8 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddrooftop shooter in NYC, name address and phone number (very clear lucid dream, I imagine I can get his SSN too)
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