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Dream number 12068 5 August 2019 4 psychic prediction23 views todayThis number will make you cry on August 16th, 2019? 0786861118 more numbers, he left 27 million cash, tax pain in a buried wooden box
Dream number 12069 5 August 2019 5 psychic prediction20 views todayHerman Wouk,? 2019, he left the gold for his family, PLEASE don't let this ENEMY find it first (grid numbers, US ARMY STYLE!)
Dream number 12066 5 August 2019 2 psychic prediction22 views todayIf you are reading this on a Monday, it's for you? life is supposed to be small - concentrate on the smallest animals you know, WATCH IT (that's all, but really just watch it...no judgments)
Dream number 12067 5 August 2019 3 psychic prediction24 views todayPLAY NOW, Russia, not sure who is the guy is, maybe a terrorist, bunch of numbers.
Dream number 12065 5 August 2019 1 psychic prediction15 views todayHispanics for Trump, this is the sign the killer held up, way more to this from 2018 by Trump!! who I really love.
Dream number 12064 4 August 2019 2 psychic prediction44 views todayKevin and Susan die (CENSORED DUE TO GRAPHIC DRAWINGS, LOGIN TO VIEW)
Dream number 12063 4 August 2019 1 psychic prediction41 views todayTell your coworker that your new 'change of address' will burn down, family killed (please share this if applicable, and 'change of address' maybe something more spiritual)
Dream number 12062 3 August 2019 5 psychic prediction33 views todayHillary Diane Rodham Clinton dies of Xanax overdose in jail, it was murder and her husband paid over 10 million euros to doit (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12061 3 August 2019 4 psychic prediction39 views todayThe ratio 1:5 thc cbd will cure your lung cancer (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12060 3 August 2019 3 psychic prediction37 views todayJeffrey Epstein murder dreams June and July 2019, call 212-397-2255 now, Infowars leader also killed with the same heart attack vet drug (not sure if I can find a single dream about this event but will try again...the vet drug has shown up in aver 20 dreams since 2018 - its made by Russian KGB and there is no test for it, its an old modified veterinarian drug that makes people do suggestive things before their heart gives out...ps, I have a heart condition so this dream may just be for me, not real-world events) (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12059 3 August 2019 2 psychic prediction34 views todayJeffrey Epstein left 13 thumb drives, dies soon, #7 is a bank deposit box #716 at (561) 847-2700, more numbers (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12058 3 August 2019 1 psychic prediction26 views todayPlane crash on August 19th, very sad, they did not need to die after what they had been through. (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12057 2 August 2019 3 psychic prediction127 views todayThe great replacement (see dec 2018 dd's)
Dream number 12056 2 August 2019 2 psychic prediction125 views todayAugust 11th crash.
Dream number 12055 2 August 2019 1 psychic prediction96 views todayIn the sky, the same as last month
Dream number 12054 1 August 2019 1 psychic prediction112 views todayThe first missile hits....good luck, 666 end days
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