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4 views todayJanuary 2015 School Bus crash, very sad...rest of the details are on the dd.
2 views todayDetails of a commercial American Airlines crash next year, the reason for the crash was an electrical fire and the junction box mention on the DD, the crash will not be related to many other terrorist related plane crashes both before and after this one.
1 views todayThese are winning lottery numbers for the Mega Millions, Powerball (USA and Australia), Canada 649 and the Euromillions lottery for the month of January, next year.
1 views todayshel lab incubator Ebola, this is what they are using to grow Ebola virus in Texas, ten high schools
1 views todaywalmart 4 shooting 3511 koot in ale boxes FD family dog (same dream as Christmas day, and sorry no additional details)
1 views todayAlgodones - Glamis 1/2 mile camp site
1 views todayLove is thought. Insanity is learned from childhood, humans are not suppose to think in language, thought process is corrupted, relearn the though process. (basically the little words in your head as you read this right now are in English. This is wrong and is causing insanity...and it only gets worse with more learning. (age) Imagine that during your entire life you were never exposed to human created language at all...and all human to human conversations you ever experienced were simple grunts, moans and hand jesters...no learned language. Now meditate on this issue and see how close you come to true enlightenment...or tears of joy :)
1 views todaygovernment of China kills millions New swine flu sweeps through China killing over million before WHO starts inquiry. 177 farm in Jiujiang H1N1 info?
1 views todayhe was a hero 2015 117299
1 views todaySunday December 28th earthquake
1 views todayACLU - police off 51 Mark Hill blue AR shot, City of Flace By Amtrack, food 0 NoR???
1 views today91 meadow branch 34
1 views todayWalmart shooting 4 7
1 views todayJohannesburg California Yellow Aster JA 772116117
1 views today6 1 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 5 days
1 views todaynews helicopter crash
1 views todayBreaking News
1 views todayThis DD by request is for SLOT MACHINES only and applies only for the month of January 2015. To use this, select your sign and copy down the 2 digit number. When going to a casino (ANY CASINO) you will need to find a machine that has your 2 digit code, this can be anywhere on the machine (example: serial number) but you need to make sure the numbers are in order. Play until you win!
1 views today6305458000 2766411 Westlake Park 993 same killer Nate Fox dies of gunshot wound 02
1 views today504 9885263 Dwayne Carter dies of gunshot wound to the chest 66711
1 views today'you can fake happiness' This is actually 3 dd's in total over a period of three days...I wanted to try it first. This is a cure for those who are not happy all the time, and strangely it seems to work. To give this a try all you need is some duct tape and a smile. Before going to bed, smile...hold that smile, and place s piece of duct tape over your mouth. Basically you want to freeze our face in the happy position. After taping your mouth shut, go to bed...you may cut a hole out for your mouth if you wish. Important: Be sure to remove the tape before going out in public the next day...also if you have an issue making and keeping friends...feel free to leave the tape over your mouth.

1 views todayJerusalem Light Rail crash 4
1 views todaybar 43 22 2 25 30 36 37
1 views todayexplosives, 76 years old
1 views todayN17??? hills, plane crash Monday December 22 2014
1 views todays vail ave 1632 mine ave 1 da train
1 views todayHayword California Earthquake 5.2 centered A JW (510) 538-8944

1 views todaystock WWIO buy @ 0.0012 sell @ 37.21
1 views today3 1 2015 killed by her ex-boyfriend while returning to class
2 views todayDetroit Oregon new capital of white truffles
1 views todayPort-au-Prince shooting same men that kill president Jan 6 2015, Haiti, P11 16 days President Michel Martelly shot 6 time to the back of the head,
1 views todayglass walls, government covers up flawed terrorist attack as a 'kitchen fire' JOY, C4 C4 Xicheng, Resurgence, 3 men escape, same 3 men of the 55 terrorist who murder 812 students, Beijing Huijia Private School

1 views today4-7-32 Michael Decesare (real person) denies that he had knowledge of his employees using tor network to hack Sony Pictures. After resigns as (from) McAfee he was paid 2 million US dollars for his story. US CIA blames North Korea for noting. (basically the CIA and the anti virus company McAfee are secretly working together to setup North Korea for future invasion)
1 views todaystock GEIG buy @ .00006 sell @ 176.003 powerball 3 1 2 3 4 4 1 6 5 2
1 views todayRandall Park was not taken hostage by American Logan Heights, he has been taken to 187 South Lucas Ace in LA 11722
1 views todaymegamillions 9 2 2 3 8 2 6 1 1 4 euromillions 3 1 8 6 2 2 4 3 5 2
1 views todayPriscilla Colebut Brown killed by organized crime family in Cuba
1 views todaythey are taking us and putting us in rooms by weight, no family, attaches to heart. A VERY BAD dream about aliens invading earth, putting us into rooms and attaching this devise to our hearts. We were sorted by body weight and there was no consideration for family connections, age, sex...it was like they had no idea we were an intelligent species. I think we were going to be used for feeding animals on their planet...very scary.
1 views today4421633 Pope Francis killed in attack
2 views todayBill Cosby hospitalized, 1216, dies at home just 2 days before his birthday 8002738255 41622
1 views todayHills Yorkshire Lottery December 2016? 2 12 24 35 46 3 3
1 views todaynot sure
2 views todayhe works here - nuclear meltdown was not an accident
1 views todayroof top shooter (not sure of date on this one)
1 views todayHendo Hoverboard (real product) developer sues SF startup, the secret to getting the board to work as advertised was using thin layer of mercury and element 117.
2 views today41 missile test? Friday December 18th major announcement from North Korea, test? nuclear war??
1 views todaythe aggressive driver you will witness is the same man who you will see on local news...dead
1 views today0606319549 true love
3 views todaybasically North Korea copies, shuts down and takes control of Amazons web servers...so basically the entire Internet is shut down,,,this causes the NASDAQ to fall to 1.1301
1 views todayBureau 121 no explosion they will never stop - no memory, this could be SpongeBob's house.
1 views today4 more days until crash 111 777
1 views todayOpera Bar - 663?? Sydney Australia, not what they think phone call was from ?? R Sean
1 views todayBoone North Carolina becomes the center of a new 'Truffle Gold Rush' land prices go for 30 million an acre.
4 views todayLottery Powerball? next week? New Zealand by 8 8 18 28 38
1 views todayship Admiral Kuznetsov moves closer to US target - launch of missile was not an accident 764422 SU34 missile hits US American Airlines flight number
1 views today6529117 poison bullet shout with cyanide bullet .45
1 views todaynot a clue
1 views todaynot a clue
1 views todayDennis Rodman???
1 views todayalmost too late to stop him
1 views todaylottery next week reverse 1 2 3 2 3 4 9 5 1
1 views todayhundreds of small earthquakes at the Mariana trench signals the 'largest tsunami in history'
1 views todayeyeballs
1 views todayUS Submarine accident Los Angeles
1 views todayelectroshock cure Glen Beck's illness ironically ??
1 views todayno memory of this...thank god
1 views todayD.P.R.K. 3 each, Russia donates EMR vehicles to North Korea, on the back of one truck are 2 'suit case nukes' Nuke explodes San Pedro Bay
1 views today77913 bus crash Monday December 22nd 2014, wire, s
1 views todayDon't ask don't tell, i don't need to take these?? my family please go there and get it back, free dominic di-natale
1 views today2 46 15 28 2137
1 views today442-11 Revernd. Al Sharpton arrested by FBI for December 20th 2014 and January 2015 murders 678-827-2276 88
1 views today'We ask God why did this happen? 72 bus stop, killing worth it? 97227 62 east coast crips (503) 285-2956
1 views todayPele' Edson Arantes do Nascimentoo dies 7/11/15 2:07am PCC First Capital Command, illness is poison (this is the exact same dream as on November 6th 2014
1 views todayMaybe Korean, 1 1/2 EL 5 days 43 42 130 24 35 - 20
1 views todayLondon 9 December 2014
1 views todayArsonist in US and UK are using pastelist ??? from anonymous red from dprk 4 (I know DPRK is North Korea as I was stationed near the DMZ)
1 views todayif everyone knew what was waiting for them after 'death' the suicide rate would near 100%, death will come, but it's important to wait!
1 views today449 416800 Panther Party denies payment using bitcoin to 'deep web' hit man that killed LA developer Geoffrey Palmer on May 19th
1 views todaythis is a sketch of a bus crash next week in California, the bus number is included
1 views todayKenneth Young killed just 2 days before release, God saves, James 5:16 - sins ????
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