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Dream number 12417 9 December 2019 7 psychic predictionGoing to die.12/10/19 at 23:14Sage328: Hey Brian what are those letters in the corner?
George Antonie located safe psychic prediction by Brian Ladd~2Dear Harbor Spring Point Red Sign Charles Antonie Rose Antonie found safe (this is a lucid dream request case from 10 Dec 2019)
case info

Superior Court judge ordered children to be handed to CPS custody. Parents fled in an RV headed to Orcas Island and possibly en-route Tennessee or Ohio. Father may be armed with an AR-15 and has made threats to harm social workers. Father has a recent history of psychiatric in-patient. Mother has a history of mental health issues along with substance abuse. Significant DV between parents. George Antonie (16-year-old) is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder with bipolar, depression, and suicidal ideation. George is currently severely suicidal.
Associated children
George Antonie
Missing Since
Dec 10, 2019
Missing From
Seattle, WA
Age Now
16 years
Rose Antonie
Missing Since
Dec 10, 2019
Missing From
Seattle, WA
Age Now
7 years
Sadie Antonie
Missing Since
Dec 10, 2019
Missing From
Seattle, WA
Age Now
9 years
Associated companions
Nicholas Antonie
Age Now
42 years
Crystal Lane
Age Now
38 years
12/10/19 at 21:58brian2030: Dear Harbor Spring Point Red Sign Charles Antonie ...
Dream number 12407 7 December 2019 5 psychic predictionUpcoming terrorist attack in the USA, this is the shooter with the knife? numbers.12/10/19 at 16:23brian2030: Barrhaven Independent @barrhavenindy Jul 30 DEVELO...
Dream number 12310 10 November 2019 1 psychic predictionThis is what he saw before the shooting.12/10/19 at 16:22brian2030: Barrhaven Independent @barrhavenindy Jul 30 DEVELO...
Dream number 12409 8 December 2019 2 psychic predictionAntarctica TNM Airport Maxwell.12/10/19 at 14:27brian2020: maybe relate to this new tory today: Chilean Air ...
Dream number 12401 6 December 2019 2 psychic predictionWinning lottery numbers for you.12/10/19 at 10:30brightdestiny77@gmail.com: What game is this please?
Dream number 12403 7 December 2019 1 psychic predictionSergey Lavrov has a heart attack after visiting the White House (USA)12/09/19 at 23:03brian2030: wiki Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov is a Russian diplom...
Dream number 12409 8 December 2019 2 psychic predictionAntarctica TNM Airport Maxwell.12/09/19 at 23:03brian2030: wiki The Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Airport (IA...
Dream number 12363 26 November 2019 5 psychic predictionMary Windsor talks to Jesus, December 1? numbers, Trump tweet, House of Windsor (no clue and it makes no sense to me)12/07/19 at 00:39brian2030: The House of Windsor came into being in 1917, when...
Dream number 12362 26 November 2019 2 psychic predictionLev Parnas death will be investigated. 12/07/19 at 00:37brian2030: Lev Parnas (born February 6, 1972) and Igor Fruman...
Dream number 12373 28 November 2019 2 psychic predictionWorks for Walmart you know? 6 6 6 Luke 12:15 23 43 0 3 9 arrows, lottery, symbols.12/07/19 at 00:36brian2030: Luke 12:15 New International Version (NIV) 15 Then...
Dream number 12390 3 December 2019 3 psychic predictionAlex Trebek dies in 97 days?, this is way before his time...again, cell reprogramming will work, it was in his dream...trust this..please (see past dd's on this matter)12/07/19 at 00:32brian2030: Alex Trebek was born on July 22, 1940, in Sudbury,...
Dream number 12394 4 December 2019 4 psychic predictionOAN One America News Network raided by the FBI, Al Jazeera connection and ISIS members arrested in a terrorism investigation, Robert Herring die in jail.12/07/19 at 00:30brian2030: One America News Network is owned by Herring Netwo...
Dulce Maria Alavez missing child found dream number 12160 16 September 2019 1 psychic predictionDulce Maria Alavez missing child located right where he said she would be...don't trust him!! she saw the dog, vineland, forgive, (856) 451-2124

Dulce Maria Alavez is a five-year-old missing in New Jersey.
12/03/19 at 18:41brian2030: Missing SinceSep 16, 2019 Missing FromBridgeton, N...
Dream number 12166 18 September 2019 3 psychic prediction~012/03/19 at 18:41brian2030: Missing SinceSep 16, 2019 Missing FromBridgeton, N...
Dream number 12366 27 November 2019 2 psychic predictionRussia, go not go, poison is in the food, not the air, lies, C6CX3 324353412/01/19 at 20:47brian2030: NORWEGIAN JOY image: (...) Passenger Passenger ...
Dream number 12359 24 November 2019 5 psychic predictionDonald Trump, The Hague, Alfredo M arrest is why he took? the kite? Johan Remkes dies if heart attack March 23rd 2020.11/30/19 at 16:28brian2030: The Hague stabbing: Dutch police arrest suspect W...
A stabbing at a place called The Hague that happened on November 29th 2019this dream from a week earlier is realted dream from November 24th 2019
29th, 2019, this dream from a week earlier is related and I'm sure other events will also come true soon.

11 29 19 news report

At least three people were injured in a stabbing attack in The Hague, Netherlands, on Friday, Dutch police said. The incident happened inside the Hudson's Bay department store along a busy shopping street, BBC News reported.

The three victims were released from the hospital after being treated for their injuries, police said. Police described the victims as "minors," and BBC News reported they did not know each other.

Dutch police said Saturday that a 35-year-old man had been arrested. The man, who was described as not having a residence, was being transferred to a police station for questioning, police said.

"Due to the complexity and care, this takes time. We understand that there are many questions. As soon as we know more, we will report this via this channel," Dutch police said on Twitter.

Police arrive at the Grote Marktstraat, one of the main shopping streets in the center of the Dutch city of The Hague, after several people were wounded in a stabbing incident on November 29, 2019.
The shopping area was busy due to Black Friday holiday shoppers, and many posts on social media show crowds of people running from the scene, as well as emergency services and helicopters.
11/30/19 at 16:28brian2030: The Hague stabbing: Dutch police arrest suspect W...
Dream number 12285 3 November 2019 1 psychic predictionMadeleine McCann located 1200 feet from the cafe, beach of light Portugal. 11/29/19 at 20:59brian2030: Madeleine McCann is a British child who went missi...
Dream number 12294 5 November 2019 3 psychic predictionBrianna Williams cut her child into 10 pieces, all but one at at the landfill, locations.11/29/19 at 20:57brian2030: JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After prayers and searching f...
Dream number 12336 17 November 2019 6 psychic predictionPrince Andrew Albert Christian Edward secretly met with the father of missing child Madeleine McCann, Gerry McCann, and is well aware of hat happened to her. These details may come out soon...before the Prince's (upcoming accident)
11/29/19 at 20:53brian2030: Madeleine Beth McCann (born 12 May 2003) disappear...
Dream number 12345 21 November 2019 2 psychic predictionJose Baez said he's deeply saddened about William Husel unexpected death, this is a lie, he accepted the money and he knew of the stabbing, number 3211/27/19 at 22:08brian2030: The Dispatch has started to piece together glimpse...
Dream number 12346 21 November 2019 3 psychic predictionMissing child Audrey Westfall found safe in a car here, Bret Harte by school.
11/27/19 at 22:07brian2030: The mother at the center of an Amber Alert issued ...
Dream number 12357 24 November 2019 3 psychic predictionCircle 4097244700 don't drink the water, no mistake, Iran man.11/27/19 at 22:06brian2030: Contact | TPC Group https://www.tpcgrp.com › conta...
Dream number 12337 17 November 2019 7 psychic prediction(301) 295-9104 don't tell.
11/26/19 at 23:57brian2030: (301) 295-9104 - Diagnostic Radiology Service Comp...
Dream number 12348 22 November 2019 2 psychic predictionKiller,?, call +82 2 749 4528 Park Jihoon to die in accident march 11th 2020.11/26/19 at 23:55brian2030: +82 2 749 4528 - 이태원인, +82 2-749-4528, South Korea...
Dream number 12354 23 November 2019 2 psychic predictionRT Birds shut down US ?11/26/19 at 23:45brian2030: maybe (...) Nov. 26, 2019, 9:10 AM EST / Updated ...
Dream number 12256 14 October 2019 2 psychic predictionLies France numbers.11/04/19 at 08:06brightdestiny77@gmail.com: Where and when did he posted this dream on his pag...
Dream number 12256 14 October 2019 2 psychic predictionLies France numbers.11/03/19 at 06:24remsburg1: France loto results Wed, Oct 23, 2019 31 33 40 44 ...
Dream number 122712 21 October 2019 3 psychic prediction~0Next week, 43 - 44 - 5 - 6 - 7 34 33 maybe an address? Australia Rail Road.11/03/19 at 06:09remsburg1: Australia Monday and Wednesday Lotto draw 3917 on ...
Dream number 12254 13 October 2019 6 psychic prediction4, 5, ?? 16, 17, 18 three, Mifal HaPayis.10/20/19 at 12:32remsburg1: Israel lottery numbers hit 10/19/2019 but this dre...
Dream number 12243 8 October 2019 5 psychic predictionMegamillion lottery numbers for the next 3 month (members log in @ for the pattern key on this one, but not needed)
10/15/19 at 00:55Carlos_m1: Logged in - but no additional info...
Dream number 12197 28 September 2019 4 psychic predictionOver and over this man tried Jesus is lord he got healed? 7, 8 - 19, 20, 15, 45,49 dies on March 11th 2018 Europe jack.10/07/19 at 23:43remsburg1: Euro Jackpot hit Draw date : 04 October 2019 Winn...
Dream number 12164 18 September 2019 1 psychic predictionOrange band on left wrist, on the table, 4125029019 R-4263.09/24/19 at 16:56remsburg1: Southside Works City Club Apartments, Pittsburgh, ...
Dream number 12140 7 September 2019 3 psychic predictionPatricia Dean is here, pen? 4024751303 1339? 09/16/19 at 11:47remsburg1: People's City Mission Homeless Shelter, 110 ...
Dream number 12119 31 August 2019 5 psychic predictionWinning Euro Millions Lottery numbers for October 2019, if you do not know how to use this pattern, you're not logged in. THIS WILL HIT AGAIN...LAST CHANCE THIS MONTH TO VISIT


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09/12/19 at 13:00Elly888: I am logged in but not seeing any extra info about...
Dream number 12137 6 September 2019 2 psychic predictioncan't read.09/12/19 at 05:35remsburg1: The page on the left side has winning mega million...
Dream number 12072 7 August 2019 2 psychic predictionWinning lottery numbers for September 2019, if you want more specific details on this dream visit

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09/06/19 at 06:53Justsomegirl: What lotto ?
Dream number 12092 16 August 2019 1 psychic predictionBrain look this up in the encyclopedia book? Edgar Cayce, numbers (OK, I know who this is from but what I wrote down last night is not helping me remember this time)09/02/19 at 09:36remsburg1: Numbers hit exactly in the New Zealand Lotto on Au...
Dream number 12096 17 August 2019 1 psychic prediction(432) 689-8180 stay away, 8180, 818008/31/19 at 17:45brian2020: (432) 689-8180 (432) 689-8180 Registered in Midl...
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